My Last Work in English ? sorry I'm not as fast updater as I hope to.

Visual Novel Engine - for Construct2

March 18, 2014
My "Visual Novel Engine" for Construct 2

Ever thought of making a Visual Novel and didn't know where to start? there's a lot of good Visual Novel engines out there like "Ren'py" and "Novelty" But you want some features that aren't found or can't be easily made with them, or you want to make Browser Visual Novel?

This Engine is made for that, to make HTML5 Visual Novel games with Construct2 the easiest Game Making Program I found.
(that doesn't mean making VN games is easy with it).

when making my VN game I got the Idea of turning it to VN engine before continuing it. then decided to make it OpenSource and this is it:

ahmadmanga's VisualNovel engine

ver 0.7.0 last update 2014/3/19

(Remember it's a Construct2 project you need that program to open it)

Screenshots :

part of code:

it's still in development,I needs to add Commenting and fix bugs when found..
I'll be grateful if someone understood the Project and commented it in place of me~ (the lazy dev ^_^).

ok now, I wish you happy days... until the next update!!

"Ward Basket" Worldwide version

January 30, 2014
this is my #1GAM 2014 january Entry, while it's not the first one I publish online (maybe the third), it's the ONLY one that's alive.

pic from arabic version (for the lack of recent one)

a Browser game made with Construct2.
works with any PC and/or Smartphone that supports HTML5.

in this game you just have to collect as many as possible from the falling things. there are two versions each with different languages.




I hope you liked it.

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Ahmadmanga as a gamedev

January 30, 2014
hi again !!

hmm... it's been very very long time from my last post on my English blog ..
sorry (for anyone who wanted my updates while not understanding arabic).

as you know from my twitter I'm an arabic mangaka(!) (comic cartoonist), but my childhood dream was to become a Gamedev.

so the Gamedev and viewing the games news something that I do as my second hobby (the first being thinking of & drawing stories) and this year I got in #1GAM to make some simple games.
(I may/or may not make 12 games in...

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Final Enter is now on MangaFox

April 19, 2013
salam all

I added just added "Final Enter" to one of the well the known manga readers

here's the link to it

and also I'm thinking of translate another one of my manga

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Final Enter

March 26, 2013

Final Enter


The OneShot of mine that Got liked by my friends on facebook (arabic of course), since arab world has limited manga lovers. I wanted to see my level in the world.

The story about Two Worlds and
Divider the between them

You Can:

Download it From MediaFire
Read it in Mangamagazine or Komikia

after you read it ,I hope you'll give your opinion in comments

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Who's me

March 26, 2013

Salam !!

I'm Ahmad al-hemmally known as (ahmadmanga) at many sites around the web.
I born in 1992 ,and live in Tripoli the Capital of Libya ,I study Computer Engineering at Tripoli University.

In my free time I make Manga (not PRO level) in Arabic language and have some fans. but I'm too lazy to translate my manga to English so I'll only translate the best ones.

My dream Is to take part in making Professional Arabic Video games (since there aren't any 'Worldwide' good ones) even if it was just th...

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