My Last Work in English ? sorry I'm not as fast updater as I hope to.

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Final Enter is now on MangaFox

Posted by ahmad al Hemmaly on Friday, April 19, 2013, In : General Updates 
salam all

I added just added "Final Enter" to one of the well the known manga readers

here's the link to it

and also I'm thinking of translate another one of my manga

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Who's me

Posted by ahmad al Hemmaly on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, In : General Updates 

Salam !!

I'm Ahmad al-hemmally known as (ahmadmanga) at many sites around the web.
I born in 1992 ,and live in Tripoli the Capital of Libya ,I study Computer Engineering at Tripoli University.

In my free time I make Manga (not PRO level) in Arabic language and have some fans. but I'm too lazy to translate my manga to English so I'll only translate the best ones.

My dream Is to take part in making Professional Arabic Video games (since there aren't any 'Worldwide' good ones) even if it was just th...

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