My "Visual Novel Engine" for Construct 2

Ever thought of making a Visual Novel and didn't know where to start? there's a lot of good Visual Novel engines out there like "Ren'py" and "Novelty" But you want some features that aren't found or can't be easily made with them, or you want to make Browser Visual Novel?

This Engine is made for that, to make HTML5 Visual Novel games with Construct2 the easiest Game Making Program I found.
(that doesn't mean making VN games is easy with it).

when making my VN game I got the Idea of turning it to VN engine before continuing it. then decided to make it OpenSource and this is it:

ahmadmanga's VisualNovel engine

ver 0.7.0 last update 2014/3/19

(Remember it's a Construct2 project you need that program to open it)

Screenshots :

part of code:

it's still in development,I needs to add Commenting and fix bugs when found..
I'll be grateful if someone understood the Project and commented it in place of me~ (the lazy dev ^_^).

ok now, I wish you happy days... until the next update!!